Jade Burgess Holistic Yoga

Let your soul dance

Instilling a sense of balance early on I spent part of my childhood in the city and part in the country.  I chose to make a home and raise my family in the country where I feel most at peace and can share my love of yoga within my community. 

One of the greatest influences in my life has been my mother.  She has gracefully overcome an intensely traumatic event that changed our family and our lives forever.  Her strength often inspires me and witnessing how her Kundalini yoga practice affected her and in her words “let her soul dance” further inspired me to follow this path.

Upon discovering Joyful Yoga Studio in Truro I knew this was the place to get my training.  They offer one of the most in depth and comprehensive courses.  With over 200 hours studying every facet of Hatha yoga I was now ready to share my passion with others.  My journey now continues with expanding into yoga teacher training. 




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